What are T levels

Despite existing for 2 years already, very few are aware of T levels and the new opportunity available to students post GCSE

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T levels are a new set of qualifications in the UK offered as a practical alternative to students who have just finished their GCSEs and are deciding what they would like to do next. They sit in between A levels and apprenticeships, with classroom-based learning remaining the core aspect but with a work placement added in. 

Despite their differences, T levels are an equivalent to A levels and are worth UCAS points. For example, a Distinction* holds the same weight as 3 A*’s achieved at A level. The award is recognised nationally and will allow for progression both into employment and further education (university).  

How can T levels be beneficial? 

For those not wanting to take an intense academic route such as A levels, T levels provide vocational skills and incorporate work experience into the qualification with a requirement for at least 315 hours (45-days) of industrial placement to be undertaken. 

The courses are designed by employers and therefore provide students with the skills necessary to enter the workplace effectively.