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Top Tips for University Clearing 2022

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Competition for UK University places increases post pandemic: 

Universities are seeking to stabilise student numbers after a surge over the last two years amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with many students deferring their places. Subsequently, university places are filling up quickly, with this year’s university applications hitting a record high of 320 thousand 18-year-olds who applied for UK universities before the deadline in January. Universities and colleges have responded to the increase in applications by exercising more restraint in their offer-making and increasing entry requirements for many courses.  As a result, it has been revealed recently that due to the high levels of competition, 12 elite universities won’t be participating in clearing this summer. Students are being advised to select a university with lower entry requirements as their insurance choice. This will reduce the volume of students trying to find alternative universities through the clearing scheme, reducing the level of competition.

Throughout the pandemic, universities made greater use of promotional recruitment which has resulted in an increase in applicants. Therefore, competition has increased for both universities and students as more interest is made by both parties. Those universities which have filled places quickly this year are therefore not offering clearing. This is disappointing for students, however there are still many universities which have a lot to offer to students. Universities should now turn their attention to advertising their clearing options towards students. 

What is university clearing? 

Clearing is how universities fill any places they still have on their courses. Most students who use university clearing are those who missed out on a place at their chosen universities come results day. This system then gives them an opportunity to quickly and easily find alternative universities who are willing to offer them a space. Students can apply for a place on a course using clearing from the 5th July – 18th October 2022. It is recommended that students, for whatever reason, have yet to secure any course offers make the most of clearing earlier in the year, so they are prepared for results day, with 13.6% of all accepted students in 2020 receiving their place through Clearing. 

Advantages of clearing: 

As an education communications platform, we recommend students consider their options now to avoid disappointment on results day. Clearing is a great opportunity to access university courses which still have spaces available for the forthcoming academic year. If a student’s preferences or circumstances have changed, they can still be accommodated. Unfortunately, the selection of universities offering clearing this year are lower. But this also provides advantages to students as some universities will lower the entry requirements for clearing as they are keen to fill spaces. 

Our Top Tips for students: 

  • Begin researching university options today, ahead of receiving exam results to reduce pressure on results day.
  • Familiarise yourself with the options available now to reduce disappointment further down the line. 
  • The market is extremely competitive so bear this in mind when selecting universities.
  • Consider accommodation availability when selecting your university through clearing.
  • There are really good courses throughout the sector, and not just at the most prestigious universities.
  • Check out the UCAS website for FAQs. 

Our Top Tips for universities:

  • Provide students with as much information as possible as many are unaware of the potential clearing has to offer.
  • Maximise your student reach by using Hecoms extensive database of schools and colleges to send all promotional material.
  • Hold open days ahead of clearing to increase communication with students.
  • Invest into advertising to reach students within the competitive market. 

Opportunities provided by clearing: 

  • Students who have recently decided they would like to study at university still have time to do so for the next academic year. 
  • Provision of an additional opportunity for students to achieve their goals.
  • Choices are narrowed down in accordance with availability, making decisions easier for students. 

How Hecom can help:

At Hecom we offer a free prospectus distribution service to ensure our universities, students and advisors all remain connected. On top of this our schools and colleges list can be used throughout the year to send marketing campaigns, postcard mailings, leaflets, and much more promotional material. As competition for university spaces increases, place your students one step ahead through signing up to receive Hecoms bulk prospectus to prepare students for next year’s university applications. 

And in the meantime:

  • Look out for our frequent updates across our social media accounts to keep you up to date with all thing’s education.
  • Review the promotional materials Hecom have provided to schools and colleges throughout the year.
  • Contact us for any support - Student advisers, Universities, students, and schools. 
  • Check out our blog posts for all things education – click here.

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