Sixth Form Tips

We have come up with a list of top tips to help you make the most of your sixth form!

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Sixth form can be a stressful time, so we have come up with some tips to help get you make the most of your year. 


1. Use your free periods effectively. 

A great way to plan what you will use your free time for is creating a to-do list.

Some things you may want to add to your to-do list include planning your personal statement, prepare revision cards, research some unis, and get some fresh air. It is important to keep a good study-life balance, taking a break can be just as effective as a study session. 

2. Researching Universities

It is essential to find a university that is going to suit you and your needs and wants whatever that may be. There are so many options that researching them is crucial to narrowing this list down. It is important to consider what, how and where you would like to learn. There are many ways you can find out information about universities; prospectuses, university websites and open days are all great and informative places to go to research. Maybe even check out their TikTok page! 

3. Eat Well

It is so important to keep a well-balanced diet while in sixth form. There are endless benefits which have proven a link between food, mood and learning Research suggests that eating a healthy and nutritious diet can improve mental health, enhance cognitive skills like concentration and memory and improve academic performance.

4. Make new friends/Enjoy it!

Don’t to forget to enjoy your time in sixth form. If the first few weeks everyone is in the same position looking to meet new people and socialise. Be open to talking to as many people as you can and by the end of the first term you are sure to have a new friendship group, to enjoy your year with.

5. Use all resources available.

There is a giant supply of resources on offer to you that will be extremely useful, so it is important to take advantage of these. Some ideas include: build a good relationship with your academic staff which can be really useful when questions arise, use your art room to create engaging revision cards and utilise YouTube for revision guides.

6. Choose subjects your passionate about

When choosing your subjects for sixth form it is important to think about what you would like to do in the future, but it is also important to really consider what you are passionate about. You will be working hard on these topics therefore it is important they interest you to keep you motivated. 

7. Bring your learning to real life

A enjoyable way to learn new information is to bring your learning to life. Find ways to explore other avenues to gain your knowledge. Are you studying language? Why not watch a foreign film or listen to some music in the language? If you study Science go visit London’s science museums. For anyone studying History go to your nearest historical site. 

The possibilities are endless for a fun educational activity rather than hitting the books. 

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